Users in bandwidth challenged environments where we deploy are able to connect to diverse collection of digital content (education, entertainment, multimedia) through a virtual cloud created by our proprietary platform.


Leveraging our learning platform, governments from Houston to Lagos to Nairobi are making learning more fun and increasing the pass rates of their students using the OTGPLAYA PROF - our family of education content, apps, hardware and learning management for offline environments. Now your existing laptops and tablets can be useful. We guarantee offline availability of content and control by the teacher. OTGPLAYA PROF is secure and hardware agnostic solution for you!


Africa's largest movie industry is also the second largest in the world. Nollywood's producers are early adopters of OTGPlaya technology to transmit high quality digital content "on the go" to consumers through our secure platform. At ten hotspots in Lagos, users can now log-on and enjoy premium and free vintage Nollywood movies, music videos and sport casts. We bring valuable entertainment seamless through our digital kiosks coming to your neighbourhood!


Events are big deals in developing countries where life revolve around the family unit and celebrations of life. OTGPlaya brings soul to your event without bogging down those pictures and videos you love to share in an online environment you can never seem to reach. Share conference materials on OTGPlaya Apps seamlessly without experiencing the "crash" or the "congestion". Bring your events live, by sharing high definition colored photos from our kiosks on site.

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